Open Road

Colorado Plateau, Co



Welcome to the family !

Valley of The Gods, UT

Home to the gypsies, genies and mystics of old.

Rhyan, Obi and Mikey.

Took a road-trip with my best friends last year to go and shoot the milky-way galaxy. Tonopah has the darkest skies in North America. Never felt so good to be in 14 degree weather! #Roadieswiththewhodies

Tonopah, Nevada

Abandoned Building

Portland, Oregon

Nov. 2012

Camera : Sx-70, Black Frame Film 


North Rim

Grand Canyon, Arizona

We camped in four different states in five days and drove over 2,800 miles. 


The Quarter-Life Crisis .2-.25

I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends lately and there seems to be many prevalent issues amongst our age group that have blind sided most of us. We are all in our early twenties (20-23)  and are facing a variety of complex problems that I’m sure many of us never saw coming. So to all my fellow students, artists, entrepreneurs and dreamers just know that we are all in this together! It’s pretty crazy when you think about it. We don’t have as much time here as we think and our 20’s will be the backbone which the rest of our life is built upon. Be smart. Do it big. Real big. Crash and Burn. It’s harder to do when your’re 30. Hell, it’s still hard in your mid to late 20’s. In our early 20’s what the hell have we got to lose? Nothing really in most cases.The opportunities we have now are rapidly fleeting. Never again will we have this much free-time with this minimal amount of responsibility. I hope we all use this time wisely and go on to do great things.

Good luck friends. Hope all is well with the many that I am no longer in touch with

- Hunter

Alec Jamir, Front Blunt

Los Angeles, Ca

Darrell Stanton, Ollie

Don, Darrell and Andrew. Such a fun day

San Pedro, Ca

Erwin Constantino

Joshua Tree, Ca

Hi-Res Please

Mikey Leon

Joshua Tree, Ca

No Photoshop, just a long exposure during the sunset.

Snowy Beach

Seaside, Oregon

Went back to Oregon over winter break for 10 days and this time it was snowing on the beach! Astonishing!

Autumn Leaves

Portland, Oregon

Me and my friend Rhyan headed down to Oregon the weekend before our birthdays. We had a great experience and made some awesome friends along the way. Rhyan documented some of it on his Tumble blog @weekdaysareweakdays

Andrew Lutheran, Feeble

Los Angeles, Ca

Steve Sudds

Cerritos, Ca